Choosing the Right Fitness Culture

Have you ever thought about the type of fitness culture a personal trainer promotes? It’s often overlooked, but it’s a huge part of choosing the right person to work with. Your fitness journey deserves to be graced by someone that understands you, your body type, and your goals.


More importantly, the way a team approaches execution – or methodology – is another critical factor that drives a fitness culture. You want a unique fitness plan that’s truly effective – anything that doesn’t deliver is honestly just a waste of time.


Our Fitness Culture 

So, what methodology do we use here at Wellness Corporation? There are a couple of different ways to achieve the things you want – especially given that everyone has different needs – but the most effective way to get any job done is with compound exercise.


What is Compound Exercise? 

The purpose of this strategy is to engage as many muscle groups as you possibly can.  It works well because it leads to the production of a fat-burning hormone called glucagon. The more you work yourself physically, the higher your glucagon levels.


Weight Loss Training

You can probably imagine the effect this has on weight loss training, as that’s the inherent nature of glucagon. You want to find as many ways as possible to increase this.


As you go through your workout, you’ll notice that your heart rate gets higher, multiple muscle groups are stimulated, and you’re burning a lot more calories overall. If you want to make some big changes within your fitness and health lifestyle, compound exercise is certainly the way to go.


Strength Training and Compound Exercise 

What if you aren’t looking for something weight loss related – how about strength training? If you’re more interested in building muscle than you are losing fat, we have plenty of solutions for you.


Strength training is great for a number of reasons. Not only will it give you the physique you’re looking for, but you’re also making yourself more powerful. You’ll be able to lift heavy objects without tiring yourself out, you’re slowly becoming less injury-prone, and it’ll help you correct your posture and coordination. Your body is bound to work smoother for longer, even as you age.


As you can guess, using compound exercise to target several different muscles throughout your body is more helpful than only going for one at a time. We’ll make sure you hit every target in our workout routines.



There’s one last major factor in our approach to fitness here at Wellness Corporation; we help you shift your mentality. Many people forget this aspect of the journey and miss out on potential achievements. Remember, creating a new lifestyle for yourself – and maintaining it for that matter – is no easy feat. You have to be mentally prepared to take on the challenge long-term.


You deserve to have the ideal fitness experience with the personal trainer you’re working with, so don’t just settle for anyone. Understand the fitness culture you’re stepping into first. When you trust the trainer and truly identify with their approach, you’re almost guaranteed to have a successful fitness transformation.

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