Who Is Wellness Corporation

Pearland TX Gym

Wellness Corporation is one of the fastest growing fitness communities in the local Houston area

Imani Lowery is the Wellness Corporation founder with 14 years of experience within the fitness industry. My journey began as a mixed martial artist and fitness enthusiast and transformed over time with education and industry experience to include general weight loss, body transformations, nutrition expertise, performance enhancement and corrective exercise specialties. I enjoy being a personal trainer because of the relationships which are formed and the impact fitness has on clients, families and entire communities.

Our Principles 


Fostering a connection at our Friendswood fitness community is the single most important thing we do. Why? Because training is a collaborative effort. We can only help you get to where you need to go when everybody is on the same page. This means we all have to put 110%: understanding you, your physical history, your ambitions, and your preferences is the only way to deliver a promising and unique customer experience that creates the best results.


A genuine connection leads to trust. It’s up to us to give you exactly what you’re looking for, and it is our duty to deliver. Every person on our team has extensive knowledge and experience in fitness training. Our members have worked hard to earn certifications such as the ‘Corrective Exercise Specialist – NASM’, ‘Performance Enhancement Specialist – NASM’, ‘National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association – NESTA,’ and Precision Nutrition Level 1 Min – Precision Nutrition.’ We always guarantee to provide accurate and scientifically correct information regarding advice and consultancy.


Our Friendswood personal training staff is heavy on personalization and making sure each plan is as unique as possible. Everybody is different; why would we create a one-size fits all solution? Our team will work closely with you to make sure you’re getting the most out of your experience with us. That’s what makes us one of the best fitness communities in Friendswood


Finding the motivation – and keeping the motivation – to get through your fitness journey can be somewhat difficult. This is one of the main reasons turning to a personal trainer for assistance can help you achieve your goals. We’re here to give you moral support and help you through any difficult workout. Plus, it’s easier to get excited when you have another person cheering you on.


The team here at Wellness Corporation will be here to keep you on track. You set the goals, the limits, and the precedents; but we’re going to push you just in case you start to stray. No one wants to see you succeed more than your personal trainer. You’ve come to us to help you with your ambitions, so we’re going to do our best to get you there.