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Online Fitness Trainer Houston

Online Fitness Training is the fastest growing section in the fitness industry. In fact, according to a survey, Online Fitness training rises 330 % between 2017 and 2020. All this growth in the Online fitness industry is fabulously good – it is providing fitness and health resources to you without the requirement of a gym[…]

How to Be Body Confident

Everyone battles with body confidence at one point or another; for some, it happens in their teen years, for others, it’s a lifelong struggle. Women especially have to deal with continuous changes and fluctuations.  As fitness trainers, we want to make sure that our customers go into the training process with a healthy mind. If[…]

The 5 Components of Fitness

It’s hard to know how to prioritize when it comes to fitness: should the focus be on your core and balance? Your agility and speed? How about your coordination and reaction time? The truth is, all of these factors are important if you want to achieve total fitness; aka the measurement of how well our[…]

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