Our Friendswood corporate fitness programs and nutrition plans are an invaluable resource when it comes to bringing fitness culture into the office. With our services at hand, we’ll walk you through strategic research, execution, and provide supplemental instruction for your employees.


The whole process starts with determining your employees’ physical fitness needs. It’s important to identify employee goals so we know exactly what to place inside the new fitness gym. We want everyone to get the most out of this colossal project with the right equipment.

The next step involves careful selection and placement of the equipment: there are strategic ways to set up a fitness gym. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but placing certain items in certain areas has proven to be beneficial for the user. Our Friendswood corporate fitness programs make sure everything is where it needs to be for max efficiency.

Nutrition and Diet

Once the physical gym is arranged, we can dive into nutritional plans and dietary options for your staff. Remember, a successful fitness journey is equal parts diet and exercise. We’ll arrange menu options for break rooms, cafeteria areas, vending machines, and more.

This goes hand in hand with our comprehensive fitness plans. Our fitness trainers are more than happy to create individual workout/nutrition plans.

Fitness Education 

Creating a healthy lifestyle rarely stops at a successful workout; it’s a long-term effort that needs to be maintained. If you’re truly looking to make an impact, we’re happy to host informative speaking engagements. Our mini-seminars on fitness and nutrition are the perfect way to engage with your employees and keep them inspired for the long-haul.

Other Benefits

Our Friendswood corporate fitness program also includes program audits and insurance consultations. Already have a gym routine up and running? Our team will run a full program analysis to ensure its effectiveness for your employees. Don’t forget to try out our insurance consultation options to help your team save.