Working out sure is fun, and it can also be gratifying when done with consistency and commitment. A lot of you probably are fond of exercising and may have several goals attached along with it. Whether it involves engaging in a sport, target exercise to stay in shape, diet, and fitness plans for weight loss, either way, one thing’s for sure you need to work out regularly to achieve your goals. Friendswood TX HIIT training can help you in achieving your goals.

However, if you are already pretty well acquainted with the several workout routines, you might know what HIIT is. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a popular workout plan on the internet. And just as the name suggests, it involves an intense fitness program. However, people usually mix every other high-intensity workout session with HIIT. There’s a lot more to it than that. This article will walk you through all there is to know about HIIT and how you can implement it, from adequate resting to the proper diet to additional exercises.

Friendswood TX HIIT training

What is HIIT

HIIT, an abbreviation for High-Intensity Interval Training, involves pairing high-intensity training bursts with short recovery periods with mild to no exercise. Skeptical how this works? The idea is to get your heart rate up and running; the higher your heart rate, the more you will likely burn fat quickly.  It could be anything, whether it involves gym gear and equipment or doing something as simple as running up and down the stairs. While you experience palpitation after the hardcore workout, you face a lack of oxygen, which increases your body’s need for oxygen during the recovery interval. This is also known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).

Intensity is Key

EPOC is the primary reason why HIIT is such as HIT (pun intended). The after-burn state will help you lose more calories and burn fat instead of regular or steady-state workouts. However, the whole revolves around how intense your workout is for you. It needs to be quick bursts of intense exercise. You will need to give yourself a push in every session and practice until you reach a breaking point. They are typically for shorter periods of workout and last from 20-90 seconds. You may choose to add weights and dumbbells to your plan if that is what your goal requires.

Remember to choose wisely when you opt for a high-intensity workout. Running gives you the same features of HIIT but cannot be confused about it. Running asks you to apportion your energy to maintain your endurance levels while HIIT needs you to go all in.

Breaks are Essential 

So what is it that sets HIIT apart from other routines? It involves resting or periods of minimal exercise. A HIIT workout is not HIIT until you don’t adhere to one of the essential elements, resting. If you skip the recovery period, you are in for another exercise or endurance program and not HIIT itself. Cardio conditioning is more preferred when your body goes through two distinct states that allow you to lose a ton of calories, ultimately resulting in weight loss.

The resting period is also essential as it prepares and motivates you for the next HIIT interval; this way, you can perform at your best within those bursts of high intensity.

What is also important is to ensure you are in the right hands while practicing HIIT.

Friendswood TX HIIT training

How can you find a good gym in Friendswood?

Are you confused about finding the best gym there is in Friendswood? Know that it is essential to get your HIIT sessions accurate and on time. Therefore, it is best to consult your gym instructor to guide you through the entire process. Wellness Corporation offers some of the best instructors for Friendswood TX HIIT training and, not to mention, you are likely to see faster results with these experienced trainers.

So look no further, get to know more about Wellness Corporation today, and get on with your new workout session. Remember to stay persistent and dedicated throughout this whole process to achieve the best results.

HIIT isn’t always enough

How can Wellness Corporation help you achieve your goals?

Wellness Corporation is a certified fitness institution with experienced trainers that their members follow and achieve their fitness goals. Moreover, Wellness Corporation has got you covered from different fitness segments that involve strength training and weight-loss sessions to even nutrition coaching and diet plans; Wellness Corporation has got you covered! If you wonder where and when you can begin your HIIT program and other exercise forms, this gym is the best place to start with.


  • Corporate and Fitness Programs

If you are a company looking for appropriate guidance and the need for educating workplaces on suitable fitness equipment for your workspace, Wellness Corporation might be able to help. Not to mention, they also offer expert consultation to make your fitness journey successful.

  • 1-on-1 Workout Sessions (the real deal with HIIT)

Gyms can be intimidating and confusing, both. Proper guidance and mentorship are vital to have easy access to your goals. The 1-on-1 workout sessions by Wellness Corporation give you fast results by managing your workout plan effectively. Instructors may also offer coaching or assistance for HIIT upon member request.

  • Nutrition and Supplement Coaching

Aside from exercise, taking care of diet is essential. That is why Wellness Corporation also offers to provide coaching for nutrients and supplements. Note that Friendswood TX HIIT training results can be further enhanced with other methods, such as having a suitable diet. All in all, Wellness Corporation can put an end to all your HIIT queries.

Contact Wellness Corporation today and discuss how you can make the most out of your HIIT training and how a personal trainer can help develop a suitable plan for you, your body type, and your goals.