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How to Be Body Confident

Everyone battles with body confidence at one point or another; for some, it happens in their teen years, for others, it’s a lifelong struggle. Women especially have to deal with continuous changes and fluctuations. 

As fitness trainers, we want to make sure that our customers go into the training process with a healthy mind. If you want to successfully get through this transformation, confidence is the first thing you need to come to terms with. Let’s take a look at some ways you can start improving this today. 


Step One: Start by Shifting the Narrative.

The starting point is always the hardest, but you’ll be unstoppable once you get past it. Progress will only come if you’re able to change some of the harsh narratives you have running through your head. 

There’s something psychologists like to call an inner critic that dictates how people see themselves sometimes. What’s the best way to overcome that? Reframe the situation and shift the narrative. 

Understand that the critiques you hear in that moment are not the end of the road. In fact, these critiques are rarely ever true. Mental health professionals typically suggest turning your attention to something else that’s happening in the present. What’s something you can enjoy right now? Focusing elsewhere can stop you from ruminating or overthinking. 


Step Two:  Reinforce Your Ideas With Positive Messages

The next step requires you to fill those negative propositions with something a little more hopeful. Granted, you don’t have to flat out lie to yourself – there’s more to life than happy-go-lucky moments. But you could also replace negativity and uncertainty with more objectivity. 

Take a long, hard look at yourself and start thinking about some of the major responsibilities your body takes care of for you. Do you realize how much work it does to keep you alive 24/7? One great exercise is to mentally run through your daily routine; recognize that, with every action you take, your body is there to get you through it successfully. 

Hopefully, this reflection will help you take a step back. It’s hard to undermine and criticize the one thing that you use all day, every day. 


Step three: Time to take action

Once you’ve gotten into the habit of using affirmations, you can take action. Taking care of your body is just as necessary as accepting it. Our professional trainers will create fitness programs to help you take care of your physique in the safest way possible. 

Don’t forget to throw nutrition into the mix; a highly effective fitness plan will not save you from bad eating habits. Working with our team on this front means you get a full-scale solution to help you throughout your fitness journey. 


Step four: Enjoy the Moment 

As you start working toward your body goals, you can start to indulge in your progress. This is harder to do when you’re hard on yourself or the way you look all the time – that’s why we encourage you to start with a healthy mindset. You’re more likely to notice your progress and enjoy the fact that you’re making positive changes. 

Don’t rob yourself of an enjoyable experience by holding onto negativity. With a little rephrasing, self-appreciation, and effort, you’ll find yourself loving your body every step of the way.

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