Are you a resident of League City, TX, and looking for a workout routine? If the answer is yes, continue reading this piece as it discusses everything you need to know about League City TX HIIT training. Many people resort to different types of workout sessions but fail to produce results. Whether you wish to lose weight, gain muscle, or stay in shape, the workout routine you pick must be practical and manageable. Even though any type of workout is better than no workout at all, you should invest your precious time in exercises that promise results.

If your primary focus while working out is to lose fat, then intensity is crucial. Taking long breaks between sets is an ineffective practice when performing any exercise. The burning fat mechanism requires a level of exhaustion that can only result from an intense cardio session. Incorporating a diet that is low in fat and carbohydrates, along with high-intensity workout sessions, is the best way to lose fat. League City TX HIIT Training can help plan a workout and diet schedule to maximize your results.

Is your workout routine unsatisfactory? Looking for a more effective program? Read this article to learn more about HIIT Training in League City TX


By name, high-intensity interval training refers to a workout routine that demands high intensity with short time intervals. You can implement this method in any exercise you do. Most people like to utilize this type of training while performing compound exercises. Performing compound movements like push-ups and burpees under a HIIT program will help lose fat and gain muscle simultaneously. Furthermore, HIIT routines are cornerstones to a high performing athlete’s workout.

The reason why HIIT routines continue to favor an athlete’s performance is that they require a certain amount of grit and motivation. These workouts are gruesome, tiring, and need you to work very hard. Trainers like to put athletes through HIIT routines not only because of the physical outcomes but also because of the mental aspect. These types of workouts demand an athlete to push through fatigue, muscle pain, and exertion. Consequently, this equips an athlete with a strong mentality, which they can use when competing.

How Does It Work?

The reason why the HIIT routine burns so many calories is due to the after-burn effect. The after-burn effect refers to the post-workout exhaustion that you face after a high-intensity workout. It goes by the formal name of EPOC, which is an acronym for excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.

After the HIIT routine, your body needs to rest and reset, and for this to happen, it needs to take in more oxygen than it did pre-workout. Your body responds to this need by increasing metabolism, and an increase in metabolism will cause your body to burn calories. Research shows that the after-burn effect can increase the number of calories you burn by 15%.

Fitness experts do not recommend performing this workout routine daily since the after-burn effect can last from 24 to 48 hours in some people. Pushing through workouts without letting your body repair or heal can have adverse effects. It can make your energy levels drown, which will result in decreasing your performance levels. However, lighter exercises like swimming, jogging is perfect for training during the resting period.

League City TX HIIT Training

Why Should You Do HIIT Training?

The best thing about HIIT is its efficiency in a short amount of time. Most people with busy schedules may complain about hard it is to find time for workouts, but this workout routine will help you burn a substantial amount of calories in the shortest time possible. Ultimately, it saves you the precious time that you can utilize in doing other essential tasks.

Other ways HIIT saves time is by cutting down your trips to the gym. According to fitness experts, you should not indulge in high-intensity interval training more than three times a week. Rather than half-hearted workout sessions every day, it is better that you give it your all three times a week for better results. Furthermore, you can spend your rest days doing light work like walking or jogging.

HIIT’s other benefits include the rise in metabolism pre-workout, which allows you to burn calories while resting and improve oxygen consumption. Since oxygen enables cellular reactions in the body, oxygen consumption improvement can lead to a quicker and sharper mind. Other than that, it improves blood pressure, reduces blood sugar, and may even help you gain some muscle.

Is HIIT Routine For You?

HIIT routines require a level of energy exertion that may not be healthy for some people. It is essential to check in with your doctor or personal trainer before you start this program. Doctors will likely recommend against HIIT if you suffer from heart conditions. HIIT is beneficial for weight loss. However, it would be best to keep in mind that weight loss largely depends on your diet more than workouts.

Weight loss is merely a numbers game more than anything. You will lose weight only if you expend out more calories than you take in. A HIIT program will boost your energy expenditure, but your nutrition will be the ultimate decider at the end of the day.

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