Wellness Corporation offers the Corporate Fitness Program, Corporate Weight Loss Challenge, 1-on-1 Workout Sessions, and Nutrition & Supplement Coaching.

Each of these Friendswood based corporate wellness programs offers a wide variety of inclusive physical fitness options; strength training, weight training, high-intensity interval training, core fitness, corporate fitness challenge plans, or we could even develop a marathon training plan for you. In all honesty, the challenges we tackle are completely up to you; we’ll help you conquer all of your fitness goals.


Why come to our athletic trainers for your physical fitness needs?

Although many prefer the fitness classes and groups fitness clubs to a home gym, this option may be increasingly dangerous thanks to COVID-19. It’s easier to squander this ever-evolving virus by avoiding huge fitness clubs and gym spaces and opting for more personal areas instead. Our Friendswood corporate wellness program is just the solution for you.

The team at Wellness Corporation uses comprehensive efforts to keep our home fitness equipment and physical fitness gear clean during the pandemic. We disinfect our equipment after every client, maintain social distancing during the workout, and are currently looking into air purifiers for the workout space. 


What makes a Wellness Corporation solution so special? 

Mental endurance is one of the biggest keys to success on a fitness journey. That’s why our unique corporate wellness programs are centered around helping you change your mindset and not just your body. With the right tools, you’ll get accustomed to maintaining good eating habits, consistent exercise, and even find new ways to raise your confidence.

Whether you’re looking to get that fit body you’ve been dreaming of or completely transition to a total active and fit lifestyle, our health and fitness coaches in Friendswood are here to help.